Men’s Shed

What is the Men’s Shed?

The Waratah Mayfield Multicultural Men’s Shed (WMMMS) is a project of the Ethnic Communities Council of Newcastle and Hunter Region Inc. (ECCNHR). The Shed provides men with the opportunity to socialise with other men in a “backyard shed” environment.  Men can also utilise their skills and work on projects to service the wider community.  The Shed environment also provides social interaction, health information, opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends under one roof and in a safe and friendly place.

Who is it for?

The WMMMS is registered with the Australian Men’s Shed Association and is the first purpose built multicultural Men’s Shed in Australia.  Membership is open to any man regardless of his cultural background or country of birth including Aboriginal and other Australian born men.  Many of our members are men who settled in Newcastle from Europe post WWII and worked at the former BHP or allied industries. The Shed is also be a welcome place for men recently arrived to Australia and now forming part of the new and emerging African, Pacific Islander, Asian and Middle Eastern communities in Newcastle.

Where is it?

The WMMMS is located on land adjacent to the ECCNHR’s multicultural hub comprising of Community Centre/Auditorium, industrial style kitchen, administration office/meeting rooms and community garden. The WMMMS is easily accessible by public transport being located in Waratah Park on bus routes 104 and 226 directly opposite Waratah Railway Station.

What happens at the Shed?

The WMMMS provides an environment where all participants can be recognised and valued to help foster pride and self-esteem.  Our focus is on projects that benefit the community, for example, building Buddy Benches for local infants and primary schools.  With sections for woodworking, metal working, automotive, and our current restoration of a 7m cruiser, we have options for all interests and abilities.  We also have seperate meeting areas for chats and coffee.

Men’s Shed Philosophy

There is a widespread need to combat isolation, depression and other men’s health issues within the target and broader communities. It has been proven that males are reluctant to admit to depression, isolation and in fact any health issue and, especially within the multicultural communities, males are known to suffer in silence.   Men’s Sheds are fast becoming the means by which men of all ages and backgrounds can come together in order to fulfill a specific health related purpose that benefits all sectors of the community and to take care of each other while working on individual, group and community projects. Men’s Sheds are recognized as a place to learn, share skills, talents and knowledge while building relationships with other from all cultural, inter-faith and socio-economic backgrounds.