Aged Care / Health & Wellbeing Centres

Multicultural Health & Wellness Centres

  • Social Support Group
  • Centre Based Respite
  • Meals at Centre
  • Bus Transport

Multicultural Neighbour Aid (ENAP & RENAP)

  • Social Support Individual
    • Visiting/Telephone/Web Contact
    • Accompanied Activities (eg. Shopping)
  • Flexible Respite
    • In-Home Day Respite
    • Community Access – Individual Respite
    • Community Access – Group
  • Transport

Multicultural Friendship Groups

  • Social Support Group
  • Centre Based Respite
  • Community Access Group

Bus Transport

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4.30pm

Multicultural Health & Wellness Centres

HMC operates Multicultural Health & Wellness Centres (MH&W) for seniors and younger people with disabilities and their carers. The MH&W Centre’s program is designed to provide a range of culturally appropriate activities and services to support, inform and empower seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to make informed choices about continuing to live at home independently.

Our three course meals, cooked at the premises and served in a friendly and culturally harmonious environment, assist clients to maintain their nutritional needs.

Additionally, a wide range of activities and information sessions organised and presented in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner, helps improve client wellbeing and reduces their social isolation.

Our centres cater for Greek, Polish, Italian, Macedonian, Ukrainian and mixed multicultural communities.

All services provided are person-centred and culturally appropriate. Our clients are encouraged to actively participate in managing their own individual care plans. Exercise programs, excursions, respite for carers, health and education sessions are carefully balanced to meet individual needs and desires.

Wellness Centres Opening Hours